Experience Level: Advanced, long-distance road riding
Route Surface: Paved
Length: 92 KM

Route Description: 

A great longer ride around and through the southern part of Oxford County, this route is suitable for either road cyclists looking to gear up or experienced recreational cyclists who may want to enjoy the scenery at a more leisurely pace, with a stopover night at one of the welcoming town centres along the route.

Heading out from Woodstock, the city streets quickly turn to well paved and quieter country side roads. South of the highway overpass, fly along Middletown Line enjoying the slight descent, sweeping vistas and surrounding farmlands.

With refreshment stops en route limited to only Burgessville before Tillsonburg, refueling needs should be considered ahead of time. Heading west the road changes names a few times but continues through from Cornell Road to North Street to Brownsville Road, before turning north along one of the more popular cycling roads in the County, Dereham Line.

With the route passing through Ingersoll at the 75 km mark, there are a number of picturesque and good rest stops to enjoy. The final leg along Beachville Road, straight into Woodstock, rounds out the ride nicely. 

Route Option and Notes:  Please be aware the public washrooms are closed during Covid-19 

  • Shorten the loop to 64 km by turning west at Burgessville, the 22 km mark, along Salford Line. Lengthen route to 110 km by continuing on 31st Line from Ingersoll, turning at County Road 33, via Embro. 
  • Roth Park, Woodstock (Huron St., North and 680 Highland Dr., Woodstock - Parking, Washrooms
  • Pittock Conservation Area, 725138: Free Admission (Open late April –Mid October) Washrooms, Parking, Picnic area, Paid camping
  • Downtown Woodstock: Restrooms entrance at front of City Hall (500 Dundas Street, Mon-Sat) (Closed during Covid-19)
  • Southside Park, Parkingson Rd & South St., Woodstock  Parking, Picnic area, Washrooms (Closed during Covid 19)
  • Downtown Ingersoll: Restroom at Carr’s Walkway (132 Thames St S, Mon-Sat) (Closed During Covid-19)
  • Victoria Park Community Complex, 344 Wellington St., Ingersoll: Parking, Washrooms (may be closed druing Covid 19)
  • Comfort Inn, 20 Samnah Cr., Ingersoll: Parking, Washrooms
  • Downtown Ingersoll Parking, Water St. or Charles St.: Dining, Patio, Parking Washrooms in the area

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Disclaimer By using this route map, cyclists demonstrate they have read and understood the safety rules and disclaimer. It is a suggested route only. The suggested route does not have formal bike lanes and all cyclists ride at their own risk. Road conditions and traffic levels may vary from time of map printing or posting. Caution and common sense must be used when sharing the road with motor vehicles. Cyclists must comply with the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1990, C.H-8 as amended. Oxford County does not assume any liability whatsoever for cyclists travelling upon a suggested route. Oxford County is not responsible for any loss, costs or expenses incurred by cyclists while travelling upon suggested routes.




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