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Woodstock Pittock CA - 16km

Experience Level: Easy, recreational ride
Route Surface: Mixed, paved trails, roads and unpaved hard packed trail surfaces
Length: 16 KM

Route Description:

Explore beautiful Pittock Conservation Area in Woodstock.  Home to a vast trail network, beautiful waterfront and stunning forest trails- it's an ideal escape for mountain bikers.  Located within Woodstock, find a nearby patio to grab a bite and camp right near your route. 

From Woodstock’s Roth Park enjoy this easy ride exploring the trails and Country roads on this circuit around Pittock Reservoir. Starting with a nice 2 km stretch of paved multi-use trails, enjoy this peaceful tree lined route along the water’s edge.

Continue on the easily rideable unpaved section until the trail ends at Oxford Road 4. Crossing the bridge and train tracks, turn onto the quieter Oxford Road 17 for 4 km, until reaching the Pittock Conservation Area.

Explore the grounds, trails and popular camping spot, with a birds-eye view to the Thames River dam. Continue the ride by accessing the Burgess Trail. This unpaved route makes for a pleasant nature tour but can be skipped to reduce ride time by entering Pittock Conservation Area, ride toward the dam crossing, turning left onto the trail and continue to the starting point at Roth Park.. 

Route Notes: 

Caution on Oxford Road 4 and crossing Hwy 59/Vansittart Road due to higher traffic volumes. 

Starting Point Options:

  • Roth Park, Woodstock: Huron St. N. and 680 Highland Dr., Woodstock / Parking, Restrooms
  • Pittock Conservation Area: 725138 Pittock Park Rd., Woodstock  / Admission free (Open late April – Mid October) Parking, Restrooms, Picnic

Are there washrooms I can use along my ride?

Be sure to check with individual locations for seasonal and time of day constraints.

  • Roth Park; Huron St. North & 680 Highland Dr. Woodstock

Where can I fill up my water bottle along my ride?

Be sure to check with individual locations for seasonal and time of day constraints.

We encourage you to have your water bottle filled up before your ride, as there are no stops along this ride that offer water bottle refills. Be sure to check out the surrounding area of Woodstock for their refill stations.

What restaurants can I go to for a bite to eat along my ride?

Be sure to check with individual locations for seasonal and time of day constraints. 

Or check out our blog on the best places to eat on a patio in Oxford!

Check our our full FAQ section here. 

Additional Resources:
- Tourism Oxford: www.TourismOxford.ca
- Ontario By Bike: www.OntarioByBike.ca/southwestontario (find locations of certified bicycle-friendly businesses in Oxford County)

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