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It's All About the Wheels: A Tasty Ride Along The Oxford County Cheese Trail

Love cycling? Love eating? We're right there with ya.  For those looking to up their cycling game with a unique ride, then cycling along The Oxford County Cheese Trail is an enjoyable (and delicious) way to have fun on your next ride.  With 92 km of new stories, local flavours and of course, cheese, you won't find another ride like this. 

Grab your cooler for legendairy fun.  The Oxford County Cheese Trail is a list of 24 curated stops throughout Oxford County that serve up a local cheese or dairy offer for visitors to enjoy.   If you follow the Oxford County South Route, you can experience a whole bunch of these stops right from your two wheels. Onwards! Don't want to read right now? 

Easy As 1-2-Brie


The grate thing about this loop is that you can pretty much start anywhere along the route.  Split it in half for an enjoyable overnight or come down for a day trip and a longer ride! Those wishing to start in the north with the city of Woodstock will leave and travel south down to the Dutch-influenced towns of Norwich and Otterville.

For those who wish to start out in the south and work north, you can find bike-friendly accommodations along your route in  Ingersoll at The Elm Hurst Inn. So cozy up, get pampered and rest those muscles- you earned it!

Grater Plans

We've yet to meet a cheese we don't like and thankfully, you'll get to taste a whole wack of them along with the towns on this route.


In Woodstock, you'll find several restaurants that have added local cheese to their menu and you can visit Canada's largest bean-to-bar chocolatier who uses local milk in its chocolates.  Craft beer lovers will fall head over heels for Upper Thames Brewing Company who serve up tasty beer using local ingredients. What is a brewer's fav kind of cheese? Morbier! 

Once out of Woodstock, don't forget to detour onto Gunn's Hill Road (gravel) where you can visit an artisan soap maker and Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese. You'll definitely want that cooler we mentioned! This award-winning cheese factory is known for recipes influenced by the Swiss Alps and their fresh curds that get released every Friday afternoon. 

Otterville and Norwich are quiet villages made up of Dutch Culture, Quaker history and a rich dairy and apple heritage.  A visit to the Norwich Museum is always a great idea or just stroll along the main drags to discover bakeries, charming shops and more

While you're in the south end of the county, Tillsonburg is another great midway point to stop.  Enjoy the pleasant downtown, discover an art centre built inside two historic train stations or hit up a country store at Coyle's to grab amazing local tastes of place. 


Finally, Ingersoll is a town back with pride (#sollgood).  With five Cheese Trail stops within walking distance of one another, plus several others on the periphery of town, it's a great place to really experience the heart of cheese country. 

Savour deep-fried cheese curds, all kinds of other Ontario cheeses, great shopping where you'll find unique pottery and other pieces to serve up all that local cheese back home.  Your stomach is bound to say thank you!

Legendairy Views

Of course, no cycling trip is complete without taking in the killer views.  This 92km ride takes you past rolling hills and farmscapes, lush crops and of course, a cow or two in the field. 


Un-brie-lievably Easy Planning

We've made it nice and easy for you to plan your cycling trip with our map which includes 11 road routes complete with starting points, rest-stops and options to shorten or lengthen your ride.  Routes vary from a 34km pedal between Woodstock and Ingersoll to the always epic Oxford Century Ride (156km) covering the majority of the county. The link includes road descriptions, distance, route difficulty ratings and suggested stops to enjoy along the way.

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