For many, The Oxford County Cheese Trail is a chance to get out with their family, visit farm attractions, museums, breweries and put a little culture in their day while enjoying delicious cheese (we can't blame them)! For others however, let's refer to them as the cheese purists, the trail is all about the cheese makers and more specifically, the cheese. Below, you'll find an itinerary focused purely on trying all of Oxford's deliciously local cheeses in the least amount of time.  This itinerary starts in the North end of the county but please note it could be done in the opposite direction as well.

Stop #1: Mountainoak Cheese

Where: 3165 Huron Rd. New Hamburg, ON. (View Map)


At Mountainoak, it's all about the gouda.  Made with milk from the family's own dairy herd, Mountainoak truly monitors the cheese making process from start to finish.  Immigrating from Holland in 1996 where they had owned a dairy herd and made cheese, Hannie and Adam van Bergeijk now create over 17 different flavours of gouda at their cheese factory in New Hamburg.   Call ahead to book a tour to see how gouda is made and step into the beautiful aging room filled with wheels of cheese (we're fairly confident it's what heaven looks like).
We love: Farmstead Premium Dutch GOLD (winner of the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix)
Drive Time to Next Stop: 12 mins

Stop #2: Bright Cheese and Butter

Where: 816503 Oxford Rd. 22, Bright, ON. (View Map)


For simply better cheddar, nutty and delicious asiago and fresh curds, Bright Cheese and Butter is unbeatable.  In the same factory since 1874, Bright Cheese and Butter was started as a cooperative of farmers who had surplus milk and used it to make cheese. Today, the tradition continues and Bright has certainly perfected the art of cheese making.  Visit them in the original building and stock up on that cheesy goodness.
We love: Bright's asiago
Drive Time to Next Stop: 25 mins

Stop #3: Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese

Where: 445172 Gunn's Hill Rd. Woodstock, ON. (View Map)


After studying cheese making in the Swiss Alps, cheese maker Shep Ysselstein started his cheese factory on beautiful Gunn's Hill Road in Woodstock.  Nestled on acres of farm land, Gunn's Hill produces high quality cheese in the Swiss style.  With three aging rooms filled with different sized and kinds of cheese wheels, a tour is an absolute must (please call ahead).  On Fridays, people line up to get their curds fresh and squeaky (we highly recommend it). 
We love: Handeck, a Swiss-Appenzeller style cheese
Drive Time to Next Stop: 21 mins

Stop #4: Foodland Ingersoll

Where: 72 Charles St. W. Ingersoll, ON. (View Map)

Two of our cheese makers are featured on the trail but do not have plants open to visitors.  Not to fear though! You can pick up their cheeses at Foodland Ingersoll.  Read on to learn a bit more about them.

Local Dairy Products

Local Dairy Products has been creating delicious cheese for over two decades in a historic cheese factory.  The product line of Local Dairy is vast and inspired by a world of international cheeses including Mexican and Indian cheese. In addition to cheese, Local Dairy also specializes in other dairy products including 20 vegetarian products like yogurt, cultured butter and cajeta caramel (a Mexican goat's milk caramel). Trust us, you do not want to miss this taste of the Cheese Trail.
We love: The firm paneer

Quality Sheep Milk

Ellis Morris creates sheep milk cheese on his 128 acre sheep and dairy goat farm.  Currently, Quality Sheep Milk Ltd. uses half of the milk they produce for fine cheeses and yogurts  in the traditional sheeps milk style such as Pecornia, Manchengo and Feta.
We love: The smoked feta (you won't find this from any other cheese maker in Canada!)

The map below will help you find the cheesemakers as well as a few of the shops where there cheese is available! Please note that Quality Sheep Milk and Local Dairy Products are not open to the public but you can get their cheeses at Foodland Ingersoll. 

Currently, Quality Sheep Milk Ltd. uses half of the milk produced on the farm for the creation of fine cheeses and yogurts such as their Italian-style Pecorino cheese and the trail’s only feta. You’ll love the farm fresh taste.

Enjoy the cheese, cheese lovers! If you'd like more information or help setting up an itinerary, please email us.

View a full listing of our Cheese Trail Google Map RoutesThe map below will help you find the cheesemakers as well as some of the shops where you can find their cheeses! Please note that Quality Sheep Milk and Local Dairy Products do not have locations open to the public but you can get their cheese at Foodland Ingersoll. 

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