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Hickson Trail - 10km

This beautiful trail runs along an old railway bed from Woodstock,  north through 9 km of Oxford County woodland to the village of Hickson. The trail is free and open all year around for walking, cycling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and other outdoor and nature activities.

Length: 10km (linear)

Difficulty: Easy

Facilities: Off road Parking at Braemar Side Rd and Fredrick St. On road parking at County Rd. 17 and County Rd. 33.

Trail Uses: Hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, and skiing.

Primary Surface: Natural (soil/mulch)


  • Parking lot across from East Zora Tavistock Twp. Office, 90 Lovey St. Hickson
  • 1/2 Km east of Hwy #59, north of Woodstock, on Pittock Park Rd. at Frederick St., 
  • County Rd. 17 or County Rd. 33

Open: All year

Note: This map is not up to date and the trail continues north to Hickson (County Road 8)


How can I help keep Oxford County beautiful and healthy?

Bring along your favourite reusable water bottle. Leave all places in a better state than when you arrived. Give wildlife space; even if animals do not run away from you, they may be protecting young. Provide adequate space for flora and fauna. Take in the changing terrain, stay on the path and avoid them during wet/muddy periods. If the parking lot is full at the trail you're visiting, consider coming back at a different time or choosing a different trail to avoid overuse. Finally, take only photos and leave only footprints. If you'd like to give back, you can consider purchasing a tree.

What other trails are nearby? What trails are over 5km?

Nearby trails in and around Woodstock include the Millenium Trail System, Roth Trail, Sliver Trail and the Herbert Milnes Trail. If you’re looking for a trail 5km or over, we have: Wildwood Trail (25km), Avon Trail (19km), Millenium Trail System (6km), Roth Park (12km), Sliver Trail (5.25km), The Carroll Trail (5km) or the Trans-Canada Trail (17km). To learn more about these trails, check out our Trails and Hiking Page .

How far is this trail system from downtown Woodstock?

Not too far at all. It’s about a 5-minute drive from the main access point.

Where can I grab a bite nearby?

Check out our blog post on A Food Lover’s Guide to Woodstock.

Contact Information

City of Woodstock
(519) 539-2382 ext 4101
86 Loveys St. E, Hickson


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