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Billy Goats Duff (67km)

Experience Level: Moderate to difficult. Experienced.
Route Surface: Primarily gravel roads, some paved segments. Gravel, cyclocross, hybrid or mountain bike recommended.
Route Length: 67km

Route Description:
After a gentle 18km warm up, recalibrate for this extended gravel route and looped ride to Oxford south and back. Roll past farm lanes and driveways and long reaching flat farm fields, along intermittently tree lined roadways. Perfect cycling conditions prevail on these low traffic north south country gravel roads, namely Zenda Road and Duffy's Line. At the half way mark, take a refueling and stretch break at either the Tilllsonburg Airport, with a viewing and food patio at the Skyway Café, or Coyles Country Market, to stock up on sweet treats or something healthier. Close the loop and head north pushing through some low grade rolling hills that set the stage for far reaching views. Cool down with an easy paved last 6km, on Old Stage Road, or for the gravel purists dip down to Firehall Road as an alternate finish.

Route Notes:
Caution crossing at busier intersections of north south roadways including Country Road 59 and Country Road 19/Plank Road. Slow down for passing traffic and agricultural vehicles. Be aware that gravel roadways are maintained at various times throughout the year, and while generally in good condition, may be in varied states of repair which can include fresh grading. As on all cycling routes, exercise caution at all times. 

Start/Finish Point: Oxford Centre Park, 505386 Old Stage Rd, Woodstock/Oxford Centre

Stops Enroute (Seasonal hours, check website before visiting):

Are there washrooms I can use along my ride?

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Where can I fill up my water bottle along my ride?

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What restaurants can I go to for a bite to eat along my ride?

Be sure to check with individual locations for seasonal and time of day constraints. 

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Cyclists are encouraged to evaluate the route based on level of experience and comfort level on cycling on gravel, and be prepared that dust and gravel may become airborne at all times. By using this route map, cyclists demonstrate they have read and understood the safety rules and disclaimer and agree to be bound by it.  It is a suggested route only. The suggested route does not have formal bike lanes and all cyclists ride at their own risk. Road conditions and traffic levels may vary from time of map printing or posting. Caution and common sense must be used when sharing the road with motor vehicles. Cyclists must comply with the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1990, C.H-8 as amended.  Oxford County does not assume any liability whatsoever for cyclists travelling upon a suggested route. Oxford County is not responsible for any loss, costs or expenses incurred by cyclists while travelling upon suggested routes.

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