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Discover the South End of the Oxford County Cheese Trail

The south end of Oxford County makes for a beautiful drive any time of year, particularly when the countryside is rife with blooming crops that flourish in the sandy soil.  Tobacco, ginseng and more all dot the landscape but what's more...there's also a ton of cheese!

Our Round-Up of 4 Wonderful Stops in the Southern Section of the Cheese Trail

Read on for an unbrielievable Cheese Trail itinerary through the south end of the county or skip ahead:

Stop #1: Churn Butter Like a Pioneer

Where: The Norwich Museum, 89 Stover St. N. (View Map)norwichbutterchurning

The heritage of Norwich Township is full of interesting and important stories from that of early Black settlers and Quaker communities to Canada's first cheese cooperative and an apple juice factory.

Explore the museum exhibits then step out onto the property for a look inside the beautiful Gore Church and an old Quaker home. 

If you call ahead, you can book an appointment to churn butter like a pioneer! Call to book your appointment :  (519) 863-3101

We love: The collection of dairy artifacts
Time to next stop: 9 mins

Stop #2: Grab Treats in a Historic Country Store

Where: Coyle's Country Store, 244282 Airport Rd. Tillsonburg, ON. (View Map)


Coyle's roasts over 50,000 pounds of nuts each year so it's no secret as to why they're home to the official trail mix of the Oxford County Cheese Trail. 

Browse the aisles of confectionary ingredients, house-made fudge, cheese, giftware and home accessories and of course...nuts! You'll love the selection in this spacious and historic country store.

We love: The Oxford County Cheese Trail Mix
Time to next stop:16 mins

Stop #3: Dive into maple goodness

Where: Jakeman's Maple Farm, 454414 Trillium Line, Sweaburg, ON. (View Map)

Jakeman's Maple Farm is a fourth-generation maple farm in the heart of rural Oxford. Located in an old general store, you'll find all things maple: maple sugar, popcorn, coffee and even maple cotton candy! You'll also be able to shop their delicious maple syrup. 

We love: Their cheese trail bundle: their signature maple syrup, pancake mix and a recipe for Savoury Cheese Pancakes! 
Time to Next Stop: 10 mins

Stop #4: Red Dragon Dairy

Where: Red Dragon Dairy, 282723 Salford Rd. Salford, ON. (View Map)

Red Dragon Dairy is a sheep-milk cheese factory in Salford that also brings the flavours of Wales to Oxford County. 

Run by Welsh ex-pats Ellis, Hazel and Sion Morris, this cheese factory creates beautiful sheep milk cheeses in styles ranging from gruyere and feta to manchego and pecorino. They also carry a number of Welsh treats like Cadbury chocolate and juice concentrate and fresh baked goods, curds and a few local groceries like coffee and chocolate. You can also enjoy their lamb meat and sheep milk! 

We love: Their flavoured cream cheese spreads

Stay the Night

Want to stay the night and make this into a true getaway? Check out The Elm Hurst Inn and their Oxford County Cheese Trail package to cozy up in style. 

We want to do some more kid-friendly activities. Do you have any ideas?

Sure! The Ingersoll Cheese Museum has a cheese-themed playground and a Cheese Trail scavenger hunt. Just pop inside the museum to grab your card! Then grab a bite at Louie's Pizza and Pasta where you're sure to find a cheesy meal for everyone. 

I'd like to check out another cheese factory. Where can I go?

The Norwich Museum is just 12 minutes from Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese. You can call in advance to book a tour and shop anytime during their open hours. 

I'm still overwhelmed by the info. Can you help me plan my trip?

Absolutely! We're in the office Monday-Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Send us an email and try to give us a week's notice before your trip if possible.

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