Routes & Trails

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Small town routes, the award-winning Oxford County Cheese Trail and more await! Whether you're helping a local roaster roast, enjoying farm to table food, discover our culture and heritage or something completely different, these routes and trails are sure fire ways to enjoy your time here. 

Trip Ideas

It's All About the Wheels: A Tasty Ride Along The Oxford County Cheese Trail

Love cycling? Love eating? We're right there with ya.  For those looking to up their cycling game with a...

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Unplugged Ingersoll: Put Your Electronics Away and Slow Down

Imagination is more important than instant messaging.  Creating memories is better than creating...

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Happiness in a Cup: local coffee, beer and tea to enjoy in Oxford

When it comes to local, food seems to get all the glory but we'll think you'll agree that the liquids on this...

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The Best Ontario Experiences to Enjoy in Oxford this Summer

Explore new hidden gems as you discover the best Ontario experiences this summer in Oxford...

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Unplugged Norwich & Otterville: Put your electronics away & slow down

Trade in your texts for experiences, your emails for real conversation and your calls for a whole lot of fun....

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Rural Love: Get out of the city and onto our back roads for a relaxing day in rural Oxford

A slowed down day in rural Ontario. Now THAT's what we're talking about. No need to rush. No need to stand in...

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Embrace the Flavours of Spring along the Oxford County Cheese Trail

Spring is in the air in Oxford County and we couldn’t be more excited for all the brilliantly delicious...

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The Dark Side Tour: Seven stops embracing the darkness

From delicious dark roast coffee to chocolate stouts and even a cheese bathed in beer, there are so many...

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Feet, Forks & Finds: A delightful walking tour through Ingersoll

Forget the online shopping, fast food and quick trips to the mall. In its place, find small town charm,...

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