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Explore the Heritage Plaques of Woodstock

The Stories of Woodstock's Heritage Plaques

It's true, our historic roots run deeper than the cows on our fields and the cheese on our plates.  When it comes to Woodstock, there are plenty of historic stories to be told.  Check out this tour of Woodstock's historical plaques and learn the stories of our settlement.

While you're here, consider walking this tour or using our public transit to help us go green!

Total Walk Time: 1h 25 mins (6.9 km total)
Total Drive Time: 17 mins

Stop 1: Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Whiteside Boyle, DSO 1867-1923

Where: Presbyterian Cemetery, Woodstock: 299 Vincent St. (View Map)

Discover why Lt. Col. Joseph Whiteside Boyle was affectionately known as Klondike Joe and why he is beloved in Romania.

Stop 2: Captain Andrew Drew R.N. 1792-1878

Where: 735 Rathbourne Ave. Woodstock (View Map)

Cofounder of Woodstock, Captain Andrew Drew R.N. was a commander in the Canadian Forces. Discover his story and significant role in an iconic battle.

Stop 3: (Old) St. Paul's Church 1834

Where: 721 Dundas St. Woodstock (View Map)

With an unusual history, this church has been used as a temporary jail and was built by two iconic figures from Woodstock.

Stop 4: Reverend Newton Wolverton, 1846-1932

Where: 700 College Ave. Woodstock (View Map)

Juggling many talents and hats, figure out why Reverend Newton Wolverton was such a significant character in Woodstock and Canadian history.

Stop 6: Eat at Crabby Joe's

Where: 409 Dundas St. Woodstock (View Map)

You won't find a plaque here but Crabby Joe's is located in the former  Dorman Saloon. Additionally, the entire downtown of Woodstock is historical and filled with great places to eat including Charles Dickens Pub (traditional British pub food) or Tandoori Knight (authentic Indian cuisine).

Stop 7: Woodstock Museum NHS

Where: 466 Dundas St. Woodstock (View Map)

Museum Square Woodstock

Woodstock Museum is a nationally-designated historic site and home of the former Old Town Hall.  On your visit, check out the council chambers still intact from 1879 and learn about Woodstock's historic past starting in the 1790s.

Stop 8: Thomas Carbide-Wilson Plaque

Where: 210 Vansitartt Ave. Woodstock (View Map)

Museum Square Woodstock

Once home to the famous inventor Thomas Carbide-Wilson, this beautiful estate is striking. Built in the Queen Anne Revival style, this building has an incredibly interesting past.   Don't miss out on this plaque!

Other Stops: Woodstock Courthouse, Public Health Building

Before you Leave: Old Stage Road (View Map)
Just outside of Woodstock is Old Stage Road, where you will find another Ontario Heritage Plaque.  Discover this continuation of the Detroit Path which was used by both British and American troops during the war of 1812.

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