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Picnics in the Patch: Five Summer Basket Experiences to Try

Discover a unique culinary experience at Berrylicious Fruit Farm this summer as you enjoy a Picnic in the Patch. Pick-your-own berries, enjoy a delicious picnic and unplug with your sweetheart, friends or family. 

Picnics in the Patch Experience

Enter the blueberry patch at Berrylicious Fruit Farm to reconnect with what you eat this summer. This little slice of paradise will have you relaxed in minutes, whether you're a family, a few besties or sweethearts. 

Grab the ones you love and cozy up for an afternoon picnic suited to your needs, berry picking and more. 

Read on to find which Berrylicious Experience will suit you best! Already know who you're coming with? Skip ahead to quickly find the right basket for you. 

Picnics in the Patch is an Ontario's Southwest Signature Experience. 

Couples' (or buds!) Picnic in the Patch

This basket is perfect for: a meal for two whether you're a parent-child duo, besties or a couple looking for an unconventional date
Price: $80 + HST


Calling all couples, besties, mother-daughters and any group of two! Enter the blueberry patch at Berrylicious Fruit Farm to reconnect with what you eat this summer and enjoy something sweet. Join Wendy and Don, farmers at Berrylicious Fruit Farm, for blueberry tasting and a discussion on the best picking techniques, before heading into the blueberry patch to pick a gallon (3.78 litres) of farm-fresh blueberries.

Over two hours you'll enjoy picking your own blueberries before saddling up together for a delicious meal with your sweetheart or your bestie. Enjoy a tasty berry flatbread and mason jar salad (served with fruit balsamic vinegar). For dessert, top things off with a blueberry and raspberry shortcake for two.

Finally, dig a bit deeper into the basket to find some unplugged activities to help you get off your devices and reconnect with each other. 

Snacks in the Patch

This basket is perfect for: four people looking to snack or two people looking for a meal
Price: $50 + HST


Kick this experience off by taking part in a blueberry taste testing with farmers Don and Wendy.  They'll talk to you all about the best picking techniques and how to find the juiciest blueberries.  Once you're armed with all the knowledge you need, head into the patch to pick your own gallon (3.78L) of farm-fresh blueberries in one of seven different varieties. 

Next, settle upon a blanket with a picnic basket and enjoy the delicious local harvest of Oxford County.  This picnic experience includes blueberries (of course) paired up with local cheese made just minutes away at Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese.  Plus, you'll find crackers and a delightful drink within.  What more could you ask for? 

Family Picnic in the Patch

This basket is perfect for: families of four
Price: $80 + HST


Enjoy a sweet treat with the whole family this summer as you taste your way through the blueberry patch.  Join Wendy and Don, farmers at Berrylicious Fruit Farm for blueberry taste testing and to learn the best picking techniques.  Then head into the blueberry patch to pick a gallon of blueberries (3.78L) while your wee ones take part in a buzzing pollinator scavenger hunt. 

Next, grab a spot among the blueberries and enjoy something sweet from your picnic basket.  This basket for four includes four sandwiches (choose from pb&j, ham & cheese or egg salad).  Also inside, enjoy fun-filled blue jello with floating blueberries and topped with whipped cream. It's something all kids and kids at heart will love!  Top it all off by enjoying Berrylicious Fruit Farm's signature jellyroll dessert bar and a refreshing beverage.

Finally, dig a bit deeper into the basket and you'll find a variety of unplugged games and activities that will create family memories and get everyone off their phones. 

Dessert in the Patch

This basket is perfect for: four people looking to grab dessert
Price: $50 + HST


Like the other basket experiences, this dessert-based picnic starts with picking a gallon (3.78L) of delicious blueberries right from the patch after discussing the best picking techniques with Don and Wendy.  Next, settle on a blanket among the blueberries and enjoy something sweet. You'll receive a picnic basket for four that includes homemade, signature blueberry jellyroll. On top of that, you'll get a cool, refreshing beverage.  Finally, dig a bit deeper into the basket to find a variety of unplugged games and activities to enjoy at your leisure. Now that's sweet. 

Marian's Country Tea

This basket is perfect for: two-four people looking to unwind with lunch, dessert, and tea
Price: $80 + HST, Additional Adult $40, Additional Child $30


Berrylicious' new experience is named Wendy's mother, Marian Warren. As a child in the '70's, Wendy watched her mother graciously extend hospitality to everyone who stopped by our farm, planned or unplanned. She offered tea and sweets as a way to meet and stay connected with neighbors, friends and family. Her traditions have helped shape how the Colcuc family offers hospitality 50 years later.

To honour Wendy's mother and her love of tea, Berrylicious has crafted an outdoor Country tea picnic experience that will offer you a chance to slow down and reconnect with your loved ones! The experience is approximately 1.5 hours in length and includes a short tour of the blueberry/raspberry patch, sampling varieties of blueberries along with some family history.

Next you will have the chance to pick a small quantity of berries to add to your Country Tea and dessert ensemble. Learn how to build your own 3 tiered dessert tray in the traditional High Tea method. You will receive a lovely selection of sandwiches, dainty sweets, biscuits topped with Berrylicious blueberry preserves, and our uniquely crafted whipped cream. 

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What do you offer if I have a dietary restriction or preference?

Berrylicious offers menu items that recognize health choices and dietary needs including alternative menu items that are vegetarian or gluten-free. When booking your picnic experience, please specify any dietary restrictions or allergies and the staff will contact you directly to discuss alternative picnic food choices before the picnic date.  

What happens if it rains on the day of my scheduled picnic?

This experience runs rain or shine because sometimes a weather system may just be a brief shower of rain. However, where there is a heavy rain system expected, Don or Wendy from Berrylicious will contact the individuals to rebook the experience on another convenient day.

What other tourist stops are in the area so we can make a whole day of touring Oxford County?

The rural area around Berrylicious Fruit Farm is full of unique local businesses.  Check out 3 places that are just a 5-minute drive from Berrylicious Fruit Farm, including Wild Comfort Skin Care, Gunns Hill Cheese and Greener Pastures Eco Farm. Also, Berrylicious Fruit Farm carries the Oxford Fresh Map providing names and locations of many amazing businesses and experiences all across their neighbourhood and county. 

How many berries do we get to take home that are included with the experience?

Included in the price of the experience, there is a 1 gallon or ( 3.78 L)  bucket that you can fill with fresh blueberries and take home. If several people would each like to pick a bucket of berries, you are welcome to pick extra buckets.  The first bucket is included in the experience. Any additional buckets are weighed and are sold at our pick-your-own cost and are in addition to the experience cost.


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