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Avon Trail - 19km

The Avon Trail is a hiking trail that runs from St. Mary’s to Conestogo. Providing a link between the Thames Valley and Grand Valley trails, the Avon Trail stretches approximately 104 km through scenic countryside. A small section of the trail is in Oxford County.

Length: 19 km (linear)

Difficulty: Easy - Moderate

Trail Uses: Hiking

Location: The west end of the trail in Oxford County starts at Wildwood Conservation Area. Cross Hwy 7 & 19 at south end of Wildwood Dam. The trail then skirts the shore of Wildwood Lake. This portion of the trail is also part of Wildwood Conservation Area’s 18 km Loop Trail (Gate fees are charged for day use and camping)

Further information may be obtained at W.C.A.’s Visitor Centre, on the north side of the Lake, near the Highway.

The trail exits Oxford County at the intersection of Embro Road (Perth County Rd. 113) and Fairview. At this point the trail goes north up Perth County Rd. 113.

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