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Alpaca Walks

Slow down and experience time outside with a new friend as you wander a beautiful rural property.

Alpaca Walks at Udderly Ridiculous

Go for a stroll with an alpaca and learn to understand their gentle, humourous nature.

Start off your experience with a pre-briefing on safety and an introduction to Udderly Ridiculous's beautiful herd of alpacas. Participants will be paired with an alpaca (one alpaca per two people), harness them up and set off on a leisurely country walk.

Alpacas are one of the most peaceful, ‘soft to the touch’ animals you could hope to meet! Don’t forget to bring your camera or phone as alpaca’s love to photobomb selfies. No encounter is complete without treats – both for you and your new alpaca bestie!

Things to Note

Price: $52.50 per person, $35 for ages 10-15 (cannot hold the lead when out in the walking trail)
Duration: 75 minutes
When: Walks run year-round, visit the website for availability. 

One animal will be shared per two people.

This experience is not suitable for children under 10. Children under 16 yrs old cannot lead the Alpaca but are welcome on the experience.

Please Note: If the minimum number of participants is not reached for the day and time you have booked, you may be asked to reschedule.

Can I touch the alpacas?

You will be able to get pictures with the alpacas during the experience. You will be able to hand feed the alpacas and if they allow you to, you will be able to pet them. Please respect that alpacas are nervous creatures, and do not like to be grabbed at. If you are calm they will come to you and may allow you to pet their necks and shoulders. 

Will the alpacas spit at me?

Alpacas are anxious creatures and get upset and jumpy if someone is running, jumping or making quick movements/swinging their arms around etc. These are things kids naturally do, but the alpacas get frightened and it makes the walk stressful for them and the people walking them. You may have a child over 10 that is naturally more active - we don't recommend this experience for them. If our alpacas have a bad experience with someone they may decide they never want to walk again. Our alpacas wellbeing is our top priority. 

Why can't children under 10 go on the walks?

Absolutely, we encourage you to bring your camera or cell phone to capture memories, we will also help you to capture moments during the experience if needed. We also love it when you share those on your social channels and tag us!

Why can't my child who is under 16 lead the alpaca?

Firstly this is for insurance reasons, we are not allowed to have people under 16 lead them. Secondly however, if an alpaca becomes frightened during the walk for whatever reason the person walking needs to remain calm and in control of the alpaca and not all young adults are able to do this. 
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