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The Courthouse Square Heritage Tour: Visit the sites of Oxford County's History

Courthouse Square Heritage Tour

Explore the history of Courthouse Square through this full, online tour. From spooky ghost stories to monkey mockeries and even a Christmas Day fire, there’s a wealth of history just waiting to be told! Discover the stories of the local land registry office and the Woodstock Public Library or take a jaunt over to explore the legends and facts of the Woodstock Courthouse and so much more. Click the button below to check out the full tour and story map! 

Thank you to our contributing partners: The Oxford County Archives, Oxford Historical Society and the Woodstock Musuem National Historic Site.

Other Woodstock Tours and Experiences

These historic, self-guided walking tours by the Woodstock Museum are a great way to learn about the history of local buildings and locations while enjoying a great day outside. Not only explore these locations, but take the opportunity to shop and play, especially as you head into downtown Woodstock. You'll see the sights, hear the stories, and learn just how much Woodstock has changed over the years.

You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few war memorials to be found throughout Oxford County. Many of these memorials are dedicated to the First World War and to honour the Canadian soldiers who served. The Oxford County Archives have developed an online, interactive map that will take you to each of these locations while sharing the stories associated with each site.

These blogs are just one of the ways the Oxford Historical Society works to further public knowledge and interest into the history of our community. They are extremely interesting and insightful, and highlight often forgotten tales and stories of our local history. Click on the button to read some of their blogs!


But don’t just stop here! Explore the other tours, experiences, museums and historic sites the rest of Oxford County has to offer. And check out below for where you can find the best spots to satisfy your inner history buff.

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