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Taylor Heritage Hogs

Taylor Farms is going back to the basics of raising hogs, located in Lakeside, Ontario, and is now a third-generation operation (fourth-generation if you count the two Taylor boys). Currently the farm is host to Tamworth, Berkshire, Hereford, Large Black and Mangalitsa heritage breeds. Our premium pork is pasture-raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones (like all Canadian pork), and fed local produce, non-GMO and animal biproduct-free grain feed with free choice on pasture. Our pigs live on pasture year round, and we are happy to raise them humanely. Knowing how your food is raised, and where your food is from makes a huge difference. You just cant get this taste anywhere else than right from the farmer. #KeepYourFriendsCloseAndYourFarmerCloser

Pork is available at the St. Marys Farmers Market Saturdays between May and October 8am - 12 OR by special order for whole and half hogs with custom butchering. Visit our website or email us for more information on custom orders. 

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Lakeside, Ontario