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Alstein Farms

At Alstein Farms we produce natural healthy Black Angus Beef from our Superior Carcass Quality Herd. Our cattle are fed home grown forages and grain and are raised without the use of added hormones. As a customer, you have the option of purchasing either grain fed or grass finished beef. From farm to table, we want to provide you and your family with nutritious tasty Black Angus beef products that we know you will enjoy.   Our beef is fed naturally, meaning that they are not fed animal-by products nor do we use any growth promoting hormones. The use of non-therapeutic antibiotics is not practiced on our farm. Our breeding philosophy is to select cows and calves that excel in producing quality beef. We use sustainable farming techniques and each animal is treated with the utmost care and concern for well being.

By appointment only.

Contact Information

436455 43rd Line, Embro


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