Discover Thames River Melons

Delicious Produce, House-Made Baked Goods and Delicious Treats at Thames River Melons

Thames River Melons began in 1984 when the owner and head farmer Rob decided to experiment with growing one acre of cantaloupe. At the time, growing melons in Ontario was somewhat unusual! But in the end, the risk was worth it.

Today, Thames River Melons is owned by Rob's daughter, Alex Chesney and has expanded to over 500 acres of produce ranging from rhubarb and asparagus in the spring, to strawberries and melons in the summer, to squash and pumpkins in the fall. Thames River Melons makes their produce accessible in a variety of ways, ranging from pick-your-own to pre-picked items sold at their farm market to a seasonal Market Box subscription that is delivered on a weekly basis and offers a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

In addition to fresh produce, Thames River Melons offers a line of preserves including jams, jellies, pickles, sauces, and spreads all made fresh from their harvest. Thames River Melons prides themselves on only selling what they produce themselves, with the exception of some local meats and cheeses.