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Handmade Preserves Using Haskapp Berries

The farm is closed for the season but you can shop Plaid Shirt Farms online this holiday season!

Plaid Shirt Farms Ltd. is a grower of quality Ontario black currant berries and Haskap berries. Haskap berries make up 12 acres of the property and black currants make up an additional 6 acres. Plaid Shirt Farms strive to be as environmentally responsible as possible, using best practices for irrigation and water conservation, best soil biology and nutrition practices, integrated pest management programs, and pollinator habitats where ever there is space on the farm.

In 2020, Plaid Shirt Farms became the sole Canadian licensed propagator of black currant plants developed by McGinnis Berry Crops and currently wholesale these plants to commercial growers across Canada. In addition to fresh and frozen black currants and haskaps, you can find black currant jam, chutney, honey, sauces, mustards and juices at the farm.

Visit Plaid Shirt Farms online at: Thanks so much for being part of the Rural Oxford Series, and for your dedication to innovation and environmentally responsible practices.