Discover Orange Door Acres

Discover Delicious Chicken, Spices and Rubs this Holiday Season at Orange Door Acres

Tim and Donna Norris decided they wanted to pursue a new life in the country after their children ‘flew the coup’. In 2012 they found the farm they would lovingly call ‘Orange Door Acres’. What started as 20 chickens and 3 turkeys for friends and family through the Chicken Farmers of Ontario Family Food Program in 2014 quickly grew to 3000 birds through the Artisanal Chicken program in 2017.

Today, Orange Door Acres Farm sells their chicken through their Farm Store, at local farmers’ markets and retail outlets throughout Oxford County and surrounding areas. Their website includes recipes that incorporate some of their products, as well as a Kid’s Zone for downloadable colouring pages ensuring that family is at the centre of their business.

Tim and Donna continue to be grateful for the loyal customers they’ve gained over the years, which allows them to continue to provide their birds with the most humane environment and processing practices. Their frozen whole birds, chicken pieces, chicken sausages, custom spice blends and chicken bones can be purchased from Orange Door Acres Farm in person at 323804 Mount Elgin Rd in Mount Elgin, or online at You can also find them at the Simcoe Farmer’s Market, Port Rowan Farmer’s Market, and Tillsonburg Farmer’s Market.