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Quality Beef, Pork, Chicken and More Await You at JTK Farms

Jeff and Tanya Veldjesgraaf had been raising hogs in Oxford County for 20 years when they decided to branch out and offer their customers the finest farm-fresh meat from not only their farm, but other small, local producers.

JTK Farms had the opportunity to team up with a provincially-licensed abattoir and used that relationship to source some of their beef from a local plant. JTK now brings to your table the finest cuts of pork, beef, and chicken in the county. Small family farms make up the core of JTK Farms' procurement with only the finest cuts from the farm making it to their customers.

From farm to plate, Jeff and Tanya work hard to maintain a high-quality cut that their customers have come to expect. By combining special feeding programs and sourcing some of their meat from local packing plants, they pride themselves on being able to bring the best quality to your table.

You can visit JTK Farms in person at their farm in Verschoyle at 293193 Culloden Line, or place your order online for local delivery at Thank you for your commitment to quality and for being part of our Rural Oxford Series!