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Quality Food at Good Nature Eco Farm

Good Nature Eco Farm's adventure began in 2017 when Jon and Vicki Siebring found themselves with a 2-day old baby goat that was blind in one eye, could barely stand, and would not eat. Over the next few weeks, they nursed him back to health, but since they were living in town at the time, it was not a long-term solution. With Jon having grown up on a farm, their dream to purchase a farm property was realized and the farm search began.

In the winter of 2019, they finally found what they were looking for – a 23-acre property just outside Thamesford. Jon and Vicki's goal was to be able to grow their own food by having both a large vegetable garden and the ability to grow their own meat, and if they could share their abundance with their community, that would be even better. They currently offer pasture-raised eggs and pasture-raised chickens.

As an “eco farm”, Good Nature Eco Farm is committed to healthy farming and healthy food. They believe in using traditional farming methods and are always interested in learning new methods to accomplish this. All of Jon and Vicki's animals have access to pasture year-round and are raised with their natural instincts in mind. Good Nature Eco Farm's customers are encouraged to come out to the farm and see how things are done.