Discover Alstein Farms

Quality Beef at Alstein Farms

Alstein Farms is a family farm established in 1977 and is currently run by Nathan and Morgan Renkema. Located in Zorra Township, Alstein Farms practices and encourages responsible and sustainable farming methods for the future well-being of their land and environment. Certified through the Quality Assurance Program, Alstein Farms produces Quality Healthy Beef that is homegrown on forage and grain.

Alstein Farms are proud to provide a locally produced product for South Western Ontario that is hormone and antibiotic-free. The herd at Alstein Farms is made up of Purebred Black Angus Cattle that is evaluated by the Canadian Angus Association and by the Beef Improvement Organization (BIO) of Ontario to ensure only the finest quality of product for their consumers.

Visitors are welcome to tour the farm by appointment to see how and where their meat is produced, as well as place custom orders for a variety of beef product. You can visit Alstein Farms in person at 436455 43rd Line, Embro, ON or online at to learn more! Thank you for being part of our Rural Oxford Series and for your ongoing dedication to responsible and sustainable farming methods!