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Great Taste of Ontario Passport

'The Great Taste of Ontario' (GTOO) is a Province-wide program offering passports you can download to explore and 'check-in' at locations to earn points towards gift vouchers for specific Feast On® certified businesses. The Culinary Tourism Alliance owns and operates GTOO inviting destinations to participate. Tourism Oxford is happy to include the Oxford County Cheese Trail, as part of their GTOO passport program.

Of course, we would LOVE if you downloaded the Oxford County Cheese Trail passport and came for a visit! With new itineraries released each season, we think you’ll fall in love with Oxford any time of year. Discover coffee roasters, cheese makers and loads of other delicious stops along our back roads and in our charming small towns and cities.

You can download the Cheese Trail passport here.

Learn more about the Great Taste of Ontario and its check-in incentives on their website or connect with their team for support.

How GTOO Works:  As you travel, you will be rewarded with vouchers that can be redeemed at Feast On® Purveyors. Feast On® Purveyors are the growers, producers, suppliers and distributors with a commitment to using Ontario grown and raised products whenever possible and educating the public about Ontario grown, raised and made food and drink products.

Oxford County is home to two Feast On® Purveyors. Use your Feast On® Vouchers for a fine dining experience at sixthirtynine or to shop the Udderly Ridiculous Farm Market Store's over 75 Ontario producers. Ready to redeem? Download this How-To PDF.

As of May 1, 2023  when you get three GTOO check-ins, you can redeem for a $25 Feast On® Voucher (limit of 4 vouchers per account). See GTOO website for current check-in and voucher redemption details.

How do I download the GTOO Cheese Trail Passport?

You can download the Cheese Trail passport here. Follow the link, find the Oxford County Cheese Trail passport, click or tap ‘Download Passport.’

Where can I use Feast On® vouchers?

Feast On® vouchers can be used at Feast On® certified purveyors including local businesses, sixthirtynine and the Udderly Ridiculous Farm Market Store. To see all Feast On® Certified locations in Ontario, click here.

How do I redeem my Feast On® vouchers?

Once you have earned a voucher, you will be notified through text and email by the Culinary Tourism Alliance. When you are ready to redeem your Feast On vouchers, follow these directions.

I’m not sure how to use the GTOO Passport. Where can I get support?

If you need more support with the Culinary Tourism Alliance GTOO Passport, please reach out to their team here.