Tourism Oxford Guide 2018/2019
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Cheese Trail, Family Run,

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while exploring!

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Oxford is home to two conservation areas (Wildwood and Pittock).

Enjoy cycling, paddling, hiking, fishing and over 100km of trails.


Oxford County Trails Council

A member-based organization comprised of Oxford community trails

organizations & supporters. This group works to support trails promotion,

development & activities. Ask for a Seek & Explore Trails Guide.

580 Bruin Blvd.Woodstock N4V 1E5

519-539-9800 #3355 1-866-801-7368


Looking for group rides?

Check out our cycling clubs:

Woodstock Cycling Club

Silverspokes Cycling Club


of while you visit. Visit a green farm such as Greener Pastures Eco Farm, taste sustainably sourced chocolate at

Eatng local isn’t just delicious, it’s better for the environment and the local economy.