Lawson Tract

The public is encouraged to use the Tract for passive recreation and nature appreciation. In a grassy, treeless area of about one hectare, the Ingersoll Nature Club, in cooperation with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, undertook a wetlands creation project. Ongoing maintenance of trails, the picnic area and bird feeding stations provide club members with opportunities to regularly support our stewardship responsibilities, along with the compilation of natural history information.

Lawson Tract is in a mixed wood, which provides hikers with the joy of seeing a variety of vegetation and the opportunity to do some bird watching. There is one steeper hill, but generally the terrain is easy-going. The trail is wide and well-maintained. There can be wet spots in the spring or if there has been a lot of rain. It is a great hiking area.

Please remember when walking your dog to have it on a leash and to clean up after it.

Length: 2 km

Difficulty: Easy to moderate, family

Facilities: Parking, picnic tables, outdoor toilets

Trail Uses: Walking, dog walking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing

Location: McBeth Road, 1km east of Culloden Line (Approx. 8 km south of Ingersoll)

Contact: Ingersoll Nature Club,


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Ingersoll Nature Club


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