Trade in your texts for experiences, your emails for real conversation and your calls for a whole lot of fun.  The Dutch specialties, heritage sites and beautiful scenery in Norwich and Otterville are sure to make you feel relaxed.

Stop 1: Go fresh & local

Godelie's Family Farm: 225754 Otterville Rd. Otterville (View Map)


Get back to your roots on this farm.  Godelie's Family Farm sells exclusively local food, much of which is grown on their own farm.  Strawberries, sweet corn, potatoes, pumpkins, gourds and beautiful sunflowers are available when in season.  Don't forget your cooler and stock up on goodies for your lunch later on.

Stop 2: Retail Therapy


Otterville Premium Outlet: 266 Main St.E. Otterville (View Map)

Is there anything better than guilt-free shopping?  This outlet warehouse will have you grinning from ear to ear when you see the deals. The modern twist on a general store, it's a great spot to pick up kitchen supplies, clothing and more. Better yet? There's no cell service inside!

Nordal Woodworking: 266 Main St. E. Otterville (View Map)

Wander showrooms full of quality, handcrafted wood furniture.  The woodworker at Nordale learned in traditional Amish style and creates each piece himself ensuring quality, aesthetics and sturdiness.

Stop 3: Relax Outdoors

Otterville Park: 2 North St. E. Otterville (View Map)


Walk across an old iron bridge to this heritage park.  Relax with a picnic in the shade while children frolic in the town pool and you enjoy a good book.  There's nothing like wiggling your bare feet in the grass and taking a deep breath outdoors.

Stop 4: Grab a Dutch Treat

Norwich Deli & Bakery: 27 Main St. W. Norwich (View map)


You can smell this must-stop bakery from a mile away. With a Dutch tradition dating back to 1925, visitors can pick up fresh bread, Dutch cheeses and candy, meats and of course, amazing baked goods. Enjoying the simple pleasures of life has never tasted this good.

Stop 5: Know the History

The Norwich Museum: 89 Stover St. N. Norwich (View Map)


Norwich has a vast history of agriculture, black settlement, Quaker heritage and more.  Explore the museum, the Gore Church and a traditional Quaker home all on site.  Call ahead and book an appointment ($) to churn your own butter like a pioneer (and of course, taste it).

Stop 6: Delicious Dinner

Ritches Ice Cream & BBQ: HWY 59 south of Norwich (View Map)


No trip to Norwich is complete without enjoying supper at Ritches.  Enjoy local burgers and icecream on the picnic tables outside.  This one will hit the spot. Seasonal.

Stay a While

R Wee Inn: 215 Main St. W. Otterville


This quaint, Scandinavan-inspired inn nestled in the heart of Otterville will have you breathing a sigh of relaxation. Snuggle in with a good book and enjoy the breakfast package with local cheese and other local flavours.

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