6 Best Holiday Winter Drinks in Woodstock

Sometimes the best things in life are sipped, guzzled or gulped! During the winter, we love checking out the festive drinks that local cafes, bars and breweries come up with when they're getting into the holiday spirit. In Woodstock, there's a bunch we love to enjoy! Read on for our favs. 

The Best Holiday Drinks in Woodstock

1. The Peppermint Mocha

Where: Beantown Coffee Co. 9 Reeve St. Woodstock, ON. (View Map)

peppermint mocha closeup of whipped cream

The peppermint mocha is one of Beantown Coffee's specialty seasonal drinks and can be made with white or dark chocolate. Using freshly-ground and brewed espresso, they top that off with hot, locally-sourced milk and chocolate steamed together to creamy perfection. Next, they of course pop a little whipped cream on top and for peppermint goodness, pieces of candy cane are sprinkled on top. YUM!

2. The Cider Sangria

Where: Finkle Street Tap and Grill, 450 Simcoe St. Woodstock, ON. (View Map)

best holiday drinks at finkle street tap and grill in woodstock

Okay, we love this take on a classic sangria for the holiday season. Finkle Street Tap and Grill are known for their specialty cocktails and this cider sangria is no exception. They first start with a glass of fresh ice and add a selection of delicious mixed berries to get that classic fruity taste you know and love in your sangria. Next, they add apple liqueur, Natural State Cider from Collective Arts Brewing and cranberry juice. Popping in a few chunks of cut-up apples, they then top off the entire class with slices of dehydrated pear and a cinnamon stick for that truly festive vibe. Want to keep the sangrias rolling? Be sure to try out their Luxe Sangria as well! 

3. The Christmas Ale

Where: Upper Thames Brewing Company, 225 Bysham Park Drive #9, Woodstock, ON. (View Map)

The Christmas Ale at Upper Thames Brewing Company

Oh Christmas Ale oh Christmas Ale! We love this special edition brew that Upper Thames Brewing Company puts out in late November every year. With hints of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove as well as orange peel and even vanilla, we love to pair it up with some tangy cheese or even Christmas cookies! Now crack that bottle open and enjoy it by a crackling fire in front of the tree. 

4. The Egg Nog Latte

Where: Early Bird Coffee, 815 Julianna Drive Woodstock, ON. (View Map)

Staff holding eggnog latte at Early Bird Coffee

Calling all latte fans! You need to hit up Early Bird Coffee over the festive season. Their full menu of holiday drinks includes everything from Green Grinch Hot Chocolate using chocolate from an old favourite, Chocolatea, their creme brulee latte and a personal fav, the egg nog latte. To get things started, the folks at Early Bird Coffee use some of their house-roasted espresso and top that off with a combo of milk and eggnog steamed together. Then, with a nice creamy pour, they combine the two and top it off with whipped cream and cinnamon. 

5. The Classic Hot Chocolate

Where: Habitual Chocolate, 389 Dundas St. Woodstock, ON. (View Map)

Best Holiday Drinks in Woodstock at Habitual Chocolate

For a classic, delicious hot chocolate, there's nowhere we'd rather go than Habitual Chocolate on Dundas Street. Making all their chocolate in house right from the bean, their hot chocolate is perfection. Using melted chocolate (choose from milk or dark) and steaming that together with locally-sourced milk, it comes out hot and delicious. Then, they'll top it with whipped cream they make right in the store and drizzle more chocolate on top. It's simple, classic and gives us all the cozy vibes of the season. 

6. Spiced Wine Tea

Where: Nerd Teas, 599 Dundas St. Woodstock, ON. (View Map)

jocelyn cheering tea

Nerd Teas in Woodstock is your one-stop shop for all things tea. With a huge selection of loose-leaf teas as well as tea accessories, holiday packs and even some lovely teapots, you'll definitely be able to find a great gift for the tea drinker on your list this year. During the winter months, we definitely recommend grabbing a hot cup of their spiced wine tea which is a black tea with cloves, cinnamon and the taste of lovely spiced wine. They'll prep it for you as a hot tea to go or you can buy it loose and make it for yourself at home. Enjoy!

Stay Warm

We hope you have a warm and wonderful holiday season! 


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