African Methodist Episcopal Cemetery

Amish Cemetery
156643 15th LINE, Zorra

Amish Mennonite Cemetery
323300 Mount Elgin RD, South-West Oxford

Amish Mennonite Cemetery
985992 Perth-Oxford RD, East Zorra-Tavistock

Anglican Cemetery
686879 Oxford 2 RD, Princeton

Anglican Cemetery
Vansittart Ave, Woodstock

Banner United Cemetery
602800 60 RD, Zorra

Baptist Cemetery
Vansittart Ave, Woodstock

Beachville Cemetery
584523 Beachville RD, Beachville

Blenheim Evangelical 9th Line Cemetery
846515 Township 9 RD, Blenheim

Brethren Cemetery
907042 Township 12 RD, Blenheim

Broadview United Cemetery
963730 96 RD, Harrington

Burgessville Baptist Cemetery
Church ST W, Burgessville

Caledon Cemetery
747409 Township 4 RD, Blenheim

Canning Cemetery
955207 Canning RD, Blenheim

Chesterfield United Cemetery
816661 Oxford 22 RD, Blanford

Christ Church Anglican Cemetery
256554 Sunova CRES, Lakeside

Christ Church Anglican Cemetery
505395 Old Stage RD, Oxford Centre

Drumbo Cemetery
806761 Oxford 29 RD, Blenheim

East Zorra Baptist Cemetery
924947 Cassell SIDERD, East-Zorra Tavistock

East Zorra Mennonite Cemetery
677044 16th LINE, East Zorra Tavistock

East Zorra Municipal (Brickyard) Cemetery
656981 15th LINE, East Zorra Tavistock

Ebenezer Grove Cemetery
343606 Ebenezer RD, South-West Oxford

Ebenezer Methodist Cemetery
783437 78 RD, Embro

Erbtown Cemetery (Free Methodist Cemetery)
225424 Main ST W, Otterville

Grace United Cemetery
42 Williams ST, Tavistock

Gregory Family Cemetery
236725 23rd LINE, Zorra

Halliday Cemetery
784019 78 RD, Zorra

Harris Street Cemetery
334063 Plank LINE, West Oxford

Hillview United Cemetery
5th Ave, Woodstock
Phone: 519-421-2105

House of Refuge
515137 11th LINE, Woodstock

Huntingford Anglican Cemetery
595815 Oxford 59 RD, East Zorra Tavistock

Ingersoll Rural Cemetery
623842 78 RD, Zorra

Ingersoll and Area Cemetery Index

Innerkip Cemetery
Intersection of Main ST & James ST, Innerkip

Kintore Methodist Memorial Cemetery
842934 84 RD, Kintore

Kintore Presbyterian Cemetery
842933 84 RD, Kintore

Knox Presbyterian Cemetery
963727 96 RD, Harrington

Lakeside Methodist Cemetery
256616 25th LINE, Lakeside

Maple Dell Mennonite Cemetery
592948 Oxford 13 RD, Norwich

Mennonite Cemetery
866250 Township 10 RD, Blandford

Mennonite Conference Cemetery
967244 Oxford-Waterloo RD, Blanford-Blenheim

Milldale Burial Grounds
772754 Oxford 59 RD, Norwich

Mount Elgin Cemetery
324085 Mount Elgin RD, Mount Elgin

New Delmer Cemetery
312242 Dereham LINE, South-West Oxford

New Durham Cemetery
389105 New Durham LINE, Norwich

New Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery
696556 17th LINE, East Zorra Tavistock

New Road United Cemetery
164777 New RD, Norwich

Newark Community Cemetery
593189 Oxford 13 RD, Norwich

Nichols Family Cemetery

North Embro Cemetery
Huron ST, Embro

North Norwich Pioneer Cemetery (Tompkins Burying Ground)
345705 Quaker ST, Norwich

Norwich Village Cemetery
Averys LANE, Norwich

Nowich Gore Cemetery
813303 Base LINE, Norwich

Old Delmer Cemetery
163891 Brownsville RD, South-West Oxford

Old Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery
696854 17th LINE, East Zorra Tavistock

Old Log Church Cemetery
435558 43rd LINE, Embro

Old Reformed (Burgessville) Cemetery
385296 Church ST W, Norwich

Old St.Pauls Anglican Cemetery
723 Dundas ST E, Woodstock

Oriel Pioneer (East Cemetery)
734162 Oriel LINE, Norwich

Oriel Sideroad (West Cemetery)
734159 Oriel LINE, Norwich

Otterville Cemetery
732634 Pick LINE, Otterville

Oxford Centre Pioneer Cemetery
505395 Old Stage RD, Oxford Centre

Oxford Centre United Cemetery
714581 Middletown RD, Oxford Centre

Oxford Memorial Park Cemetery
684527 RR 2, Woodstock
Phone: 519-539-1491

Pine Street Burying Ground
365 Main ST, Otterville

Pioneer Cemetery
687677 Governors RD, Blanford-Blenheim

Plattsville Cemetery
Seaton ST, Plattsville

Pleasant View Cemetery (Curries Cemetery)
465007 Curries RD, Curries

Princeton Cemetery
686853 Oxford 2 RD, Princeton

Quaker Street Friends Cemetery (Old Brick) (C.G. Walker Memorial Gardens)
345705 Quaker ST, Norwich

Ratho Presbyterian Cemetery
905987 Township 12 RD, Blandford

Red Star Cemetery
315364 31st LINE, Zorra

Richwood Cemetery
767413 Township 5 RD, Blenheim

Riverside Cemetery
955569 Lucy RD, Blenheim

Rosanna Cemetery
145199 Potters RD, Norwich

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery
Hampton ST, Zorra

Small Collection of Stones
West Zorra

Springford Cemetery
225227 Otterville RD, Norwich

St. Johns Anglican Eastwood Cemetery
685860 2 HWY, Eastwood

St. Marys Cemetery
584804 Beachville RD, Woodstock
Phone: 519-539-2029

St. Marys Roman Catholic Cemetery
Goshen ST, Tillsonburg

St. Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
Roth ST, Tavistock

St.Andrews Presbyterian Church Cemetery
St.Andrews ST, Embro

St.Charles Anglican Cemetery
224570 Ostrander RD, South-West Oxford

St.Johns Anglican Cemetery
235 Church ST, Otterville

St.Johns Anglican Cemetery
220 Dundas ST, Thamesford

St.Marys Roman Catholic Cemetery
584872 Beachville RD, South-West Oxford

St.Matthews Lutheran Cemetery
965565 Maplewood SIDERD, East Zorra Tavistock

St.Peters Roman Catholic Cemetery
284793 Plesant Valley RD, Newark

Summerville Cemetery
774484 Oxford 14 RD, Norwich

Sweaburg Union Cemetery
474433 Dodge LINE, Sweaburg

The Day Cemetery

The Spearman Cemetery
174401 17th LINE, Zorra

Tillsonburg Community Cemetery
Intersection of Simcoe ST & Cedar ST, Tillsonburg

Tillsonburg Pioneer Cemetery
Intersection of Simcoe ST & Cedar ST, Tillsonburg

Town Line Methodist Church Cemetery
883505 29th LINE, Zorra

Trinity Anglican Cemetery
596682 Oxford 59 RD, East Zorra Tavistock

Vandecar Cemetery
505912 Old Stage RD, Norwich

Vandecar Cemetery
515887 11th LINE, East Zorra Tavistock

Waggoner Cemetery
344337 Ebenezer RD, South-West Oxford

Waggoner Cemetery (Zenda)

Washington Cemetery
927196 Oxford 8 RD, Blanford-Blenheim

Wesley Methodist Cemetery
Delatre ST, Thamesford

West Oxford Cemetery
354395 Church LINE, West Oxford

Windfall Cemetery
806484 Oxford 29 RD, Blenheim

Wolverton Cemetery
917709 Wolverton RD, Wolverton

Woodstock Presbyterian Cemetery
Vansittart Ave, Woodstock


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